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Immune Plus Pack

The 30 day Immune Plus Pack provides all year-round immune support with a range of key vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can often be missing from our everyday lives. It consists of four carefully selected products that help strengthen the immune system and increase energy, have a beneficial effect on the endocannabinoid system and many vital processes in the body.

5 % CBD oil

5 % CBD drops are obtained from the buds of quality Slovenian industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) and cold-pressed coconut oil. One bottle contains 500 mg of CBD and is a great help for the functioning of the immune system and sleep problems.

Energy Boost CBD capsules

Energy Boost capsules with CBD, vitamins C, B12 and D3, acerola extract, BelinalĀ® extract of fir tree branches, guarana extract and magnesium. BEST SELLING PRODUCT