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ABBA Nutrition Ltd

85 Great Portland Street
First Floor
London, W1W 7LT
United Kingdom

If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we recommend that you discuss your requirements with us. We are more than happy to assist you in the best possible way.

The story behind the name and our products

Dear readers, esteemed health and wellness enthusiasts,

Welcome to the world of ABBA Nutrition, a realm where we continually develop new products for you and vigilantly monitor their quality, ensuring that they always work to the utmost benefit of your health and well-being. We passionately strive to ensure that every one of you has access to the highest-quality dietary supplements, enabling you to quickly achieve your health goals, boost your energy, and enhance your well-being.

Our mission transcends mere products. ABBA Nutrition embodies a shift in mindset, transforming our consciousness about health, wellness, and personal growth. It is a place where timeless wisdom meets cutting-edge science and where respect for Mother Nature beautifully intertwines with our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Why dietary supplements? And why now? – Our answer is: because the market today is flooded with mediocrity in both food products and dietary supplements. Pollution, soil depletion, processed and non-fresh food have reduced the quality and quantity of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial substances in food. In many places, fertile soil has been replaced by soilless cultivation methods, while dietary supplements often use low-cost ingredients.

Sadly, many companies prioritise their profits over the health and well-being of their customers. I started ABBA Nutrition to redefine people’s expectations regarding health and wellness, and to elevate them to the highest attainable level. I like to relate this to the iPod. Although the iPod was not the first MP3 player on the market, it became the best. Similarly, while ABBA Nutrition was not the first in the dietary supplements sector, today it stands proud as a quality-driven company with genuine values, aiming to set a new high benchmark in the industry.

Our story essentially began with the start of my career journey over thirty years ago in a small town in the heart of Europe. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a mark on the world, I ventured to Canada. In the early years, I dabbled in telecommunications and multi-million-dollar investment projects. I lived and worked in several countries, shared boardrooms with billionaires, advised politicians and government agencies, and mentored industry magnates.

I always worked hard, aiming to contribute not only to a company’s success but also to its customers’ satisfaction. I upheld the highest ethical standards and consistently pursued avenues for continuous learning and improvement. I set the same expectations for my subordinates. Due to my exceptional work ethic, some company leaders exploited both me and my expertise. The saying that every success has its price rings true, as I experienced first-hand.

But my story does not end there. Through work, I became intimately familiar with the inner workings of a system driven by greed, manipulation, and the self-interest of a handful of individuals. Those powering this corrupt system often abused their power and influence, either legally or otherwise, exploiting their employees and even their customers by offering substandard or overpriced products and services.

I could not help but voice my disagreement with some controversial actions. Instead of addressing the problems at that time, they spread lies about me, sent agents and journalists my way to squeeze any information out of me with which they could tarnish my name and thereby cover up their unethical and corrupt business practices.

The experiences I have detailed made me realise that perhaps God himself was the one who had been shaping my career path, and preparing me to make a significant contribution to the dietary supplement industry someday. Fifteen years ago, I then advised a foreign company on the sales and marketing of dietary supplements. Within a few years, through hard work and with an excellent team I had built, I exceeded all expectations of the foreign multinational, becoming the best among tens of thousands on an international level. After that, I was given the chance to lead another company in the same industry.

Seven years ago, I saw a world filled with low-quality processed food, and placebo pills, where many lived under the illusion of the “right” health care peddled by greedy companies with good marketing skills. I did not want to be a part of that world. Observing all this, I pondered, “Are we really settling for this?”. My experiences taught me that mere external or material success is not enough for a fulfilled life. True success aims higher, rooted in deeper meaning, nobler values, and a long-term vision.

Thus, the idea of ABBA Nutrition was born and matured. The name ABBA Nutrition comes from the Aramaic word “ABBA,” meaning “Father God,” encapsulating our philosophy of harmonious coexistence with nature in the modern world with the aim of achieving nobler goals. However, ABBA Nutrition was not just born from a desire for better product quality, but to set and establish entirely new standards in the dietary supplements field. That is why ABBA Nutrition is more than just another company. It represents an ethos, a community of pioneers who reject mediocrity, pushing boundaries to build a better future. To achieve what seemed almost impossible, we assembled a team of industry experts dedicated to a single goal: to produce products that not only promise outstanding results but truly deliver them. Each team member fully understands the uniqueness of every individual, so we never just send a product; we always equip you with all the necessary information for its proper use, and we are also personally available for advice and discussion on any questions you might have. With us, you are never alone; we are with you every step of the way towards optimal health and well-being.

Today, I stand before you, grateful for the brilliant minds that joined me on this journey, and for divine providence that led us safely to this goal. Proudly, we now serve tens of thousands of satisfied individuals across Europe. For many, their experience with ABBA Nutrition has been life-changing, often impacting not just them, but their entire families and friends, as they eagerly and selflessly shared their experiences with our scientifically designed and quality-tested ABBA Nutrition products.

Because we care about your health and wellness, I warmly invite you to explore what ABBA Nutrition can offer to you today.

Respectfully yours!

Jan Stanovnik
Founder & CEO
ABBA Nutrition Ltd