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Abba Nutrition is the trusted producer and supplier of the innovative silver fir branch extract Belinal®.
We develop and manufacture supplements backed by proprietary scientific research and clinical studies.

Differentiating the benefit and value proposition of Silver Fir Branch Extract Belinal®

THE STORY OF BELINAL® IS THE STORY OF A CHRISTMAS TREE The symbolic meaning of Christmas trees originates in Celtic culture where the silver fir tree represents life, rebirth, and stamina needed to endure the winter months. Early Christians knew the symbolism of silver fir as they added candles and apples and held the silver fir tree as a symbol of life. The healing properties of the silver fir branches have long been known to our ancestors. Silver fir branches were at one time commonly used by people in the mountain areas of Europe to make tea, as a remedy for the common cold and rheumatism.


High in the cold mountain Forests, only the most durable plants survive extreme conditions. This is the home of the silver fir tree that hides healthy ingredients developed over millions of years. Silver fir branches grown in the pristine European mountain forest are manually selected for the production of Belinal ® extract. In this way we ensure the highest quality of the silver fir tissues with accurate knowledge of their origin. The wood and branches we use are strictly from the regular felling only. We are taking care of nature and sustainability.


Silver fir branches have never been used before to create a botanical extract. It is new to the world market. Silver fir branch extract has been approved in the EU and published in the Novel Food Catalogue in July 2017 by the EFSA. Belinal® has self affirmed GRAS; the extract is recognized as safe by qualified experts based on publicly available scientific information.


Supplements are backed by proprietary scientific research, clinical studies and published articles. A range of products is formulated by renowned international experts and scientists working with our R&D team.


The composition of Belinal is characterised by specific ® lignans. For identification and quantification of the compounds, HPLC and spectrophotometry is used. All our production processes are environmentally friendly; pure water is used in extraction. Belinal ® is certified Natural by Ecocert Cosmos attestation nr˚: 590442. IN EU MOUNTAIN FORESTS

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